IKEGAMI HL-43 studio video camera. 
Taking full advantage of 2/3

IKEGAMI HL-43 studio video camera.
Taking full advantage of 2/3" IT CCD sensors with low smear and reduced FPN, the HL-43 delivers a horizontal resolution of 850 lines, achieved with newly devised pixel offset and processing technology, SHBA (Super High Band Aperture). The HL-43 provides outstanding image quality by use of state-of-the-art video processing technology, including newly developed .cSuper Color", as well as chroma aperture, black stretch/press, soft detail, and Super V. Its triax transmission to the base station is a new two channel (luminance, chromanance) type with an ultrahigh bandwidth of 8 MHz. This helps achieve high resolution for the total system configuration including the base station. The HL-43 can be docked with a Betacam SP VCR for operation without adapter. And it can be also combined with MIl, S-VHS, Hi-8, and Pro Betacam with the aid of available adapters. In addition, this camera features a simple design with user-friendly controls.

State-of-the-art Technologies for High Image Quality

400,000-pixel IT CCDs with substantially reduced FPN and smear. A precision pixel offset and processing technology, SHBA (Super High Band Aperture), achieves a horizontal resolution of 850 1VL.
The HL.43 incorporates horizontal mix DTL and chroma aperture circuitry to retain a high level of resolution even when shooting a subject containing red, blue, or magenta components, which could not be compensated for by conventional edge compensation schemes.
Improved auto knee and flare correction circuits and Super Color circuitry reduce the "washed-out" appearance that may occur when shooting a colorful subject with very high brightness.
VF DTL, an "edge compensation circuit" dedicated for viewfinder signal provides superior edge compensation unattainable with conventional peaking schemes. This results in improved resolution for the viewfinder.
Comes equipped with Super V capability to improve vertical resolution.
Black Stretch/Press
This function brings shadow areas to vivid detail in high contrast scenes. It also makes shadow areas darker in hazy low contrast scenes.
Soft on
Soft DTL reduces harsh edges of a subject and provides for smooth and natural edge compensation.
Electronic: Shutter
Variable electronic shutter is incorporated, with fixed speeds of 1/100, 1/120, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000. And the continuously variable speed is also available.
Docakable with VCR
Not only dockable with a Betacam SP VCR without any adapter, the HL-43 can be also docked with MIl, S-VHS, Hi-8, and Pro Betacam formats, with the aid of simple adapters,
Equipped with a sliding shoulder pad, the HL-43 achieves an optimum weight balance on the shoulder of the cameraman, even when docked with a variety of VCRs and adapters with different weights.
High-resolution 1.5" VF
The HL-43 is equipped with a 1.5. VF which provides a horizontal resolution of 500 TVL.
A convenient lamp is provided just below the mounting base, so the lens condition can be checked when shooting in darkness.
Employs a quick-start tube to provide instant operation without preheating.
Comes Standard with 48V Phantom Power
The microphone receptacle with both +48V Phantom power and + 12V AB power capabilities permits various types of microphones to be connected to the camera.
Digital Control
The camera can be entirely controlled from the OCP, as well as operated from an external computer via RS-232C interface.
Triax System
When the HL-43 is connected to the base station, the 1.5" or optional 6" VF can be used.
The distance between the base station and the camera can be extended up to 1000m with 14.5mm diameter triax cable.
Since more than 8 MHz of video transmission bandwidth is provided between the camera and the base station, a resolution of 750 TVL is achieved for video output signal from the base station